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We don’t just build, we bring dreams to life! We come together to make your vision for your commercial or residential space a reality.

Large Format Porcelain Tile Installation

With our big slab tile installation service, you may see the peak of modern design. Our skilled workers precisely install these large-format tiles, giving your space a clean and modern look with a focus on creating unbroken surfaces. Create an impression while experiencing the large slab tiles’ durability and comfort of maintenance by experiencing the refined look of fewer joints and the smooth appearance of unbroken designs.

Customized Washroom Vanities in 6mm or 12mm Porcelain Tile

Elegant porcelain tiles are available in 6mm and 12mm sizes to meet your bathroom vanity needs. They offer accommodating compartments that are both long-lasting and sustainable.
With our custom bathroom vanities, which are precisely built from either 6mm or 12mm porcelain tile, experience a new level of personalized luxury. Enjoy how we can bring your concept to life through a variety of material options, providing an ideal combination of personalized design and engineering excellence. Vanities that not only emit luxury but also highlight the superior durability and versatility of porcelain tile will improve your bathroom experience.

External Façade Solution in Porcelain Tile (Wet & Mechanical Fixing)

External facade solutions in gorgeous porcelain tiles give your space a protective layer by waterproofing the face of the space while maintaining a stylish appearance. With our cutting-edge solution specifically designed for external façades, you can maximize the possibilities of your architectural design. With renowned technological excellence, we specialize in the seamless installation of porcelain tiles using both wet and mechanical fixing methods. Explore the combination of engineering expertise and artistic creativity as we build your exterior areas. Our approach, which places an extreme priority on durability and weatherproofing, not only improves the exterior appearance of your façade but also guarantees an outside design that is long-lasting, enduring, and resistant to the test of time.

Customized Coffee Table and Side Table in 6mm Porcelain Tile

Experience a masterpiece of precise design with our specialized coffee and side tables, which are expertly constructed from 6 mm porcelain tile. These tables modify the layout of your living areas and show how aesthetic design and technological expertise can be combined. Each item is a precisely built combination of design and utility that delicately blends the 6mm height with long-lasting sturdiness. Our tables feature a simple and streamlined shape that conceals their sturdy framework, fitting in perfectly with the style you want. As we modify your interiors with these expertly set up, completely adjustable porcelain tile masterpieces, you can observe how engineering and design combine to create an innovative standard in luxury living.

Turn Your Space Into Modern Perfection With Marble

To enhance the class of your surroundings, invest in the lasting appeal of strong, sleek marble. Marble continues to be an ideal choice due to its richness and versatility, which apply to floors, exterior and interior decor, and more. As marble covers counters, floors, walls, and décor, it lends a look of modification that remains throughout time. Marble also adds a sense of lavishness.

Customised Interior Fit-outs

At CasaBloom, we design customised spaces that go well beyond standard decor for you to engage with how you live. Each part of our interior fit-outs is hand-selected to match the decor that you desire. The result is a work of creativity with a unique design and beautiful finishing. In addition to being experienced at installing large-format porcelain tiles, we also modify perfection to ensure that your space stands as an expression of our commitment to perfection.

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